Everything Has Changed

“This is a miracle; our town is now like the place to visit because of this clinic. My business in the last seven months has made so much money I now have a car. Believe me, if you told me one year ago that Ashinedu will own a car in this life I would think you’re mocking me – but it’s a reality today. With the lines that accumulate at this place since they opened, I can’t keep up with the amount of customers I have to sell food and water to. It used to be only me working in my shop, but now I have three girls I have hired to help. This clinic is doing so many good things for this village. Are we still even a village anymore with you people here? Everything has changed.

Not so long ago I was making plans on how to bury my father. It killed me to see him suffering. The pastors had taken all our money. They said his problem was spiritual, so we kept giving them money for prayers, but he just kept getting worse. I did not go to university but I knew they were taking advantage of us, but I could not just leave him without any form of intervention. The herbalists were worse… they’re all predators preying on the sick. I knew my father was going to die, he knew it too.

But that’s in the past now… When this clinic opened I took my father – whom you’d think would collapse and die at any moment. He’s now fully healthy and going to the farm to make money. They saved him within two weeks with some injections and a little medicine they gave us. If they were not here, my father would be dust by now.”

Agadi Ashinedu
Delta State, Nigeria

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